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Focused Innovation processes
There are so many options for innovation. Every company and organization has diverse characteristics and innovation needs at different points in time.
With this in mind, besides our Future Concept process we offer our customers a variety of other focused processes, from which to choose the innovation process that suits them best. The most focused and correct choice for a company maximizes the benefit of the process and its results.
The processes:
Golden waste innovation
Golden waste - Waste focused innovation process
Using waste from the production process to create innovative products that have great monetary value for the company is a sweeping global trend! The purpose of the process is to turn waste from a burden into a growth engine, by creatively using this waste to gain new profitability for the company.
Product / category focused innovation process
A specific product / category focused process, according to the company's decision. This is a fast process that enables the launch of a new product within a year and aims to find new value that will lead to increased sales and profitability.
The product must include at least one of three effects aimed at driving the selected category / product: the "Twist effect", the "Craveability effect" and the "New In effect".
Innovation process in the areas of service
Organizations which provide service must also grow, innovate and adapt to a rapidly changing world. Practical Innovation develops new models that use the latest technologies in order to produce a novel and advanced service experience and to increase the organization's value and contribution. This new service is always tailored to the organization's capabilities and unique characteristics.
Innovation process for mapping and identifying the innovation arena
Every so often, choosing where to begin an innovation process in a company with several categories / subsidiaries is challenging. The mapping process provides the company with an overview of the existing categories and leads it in choosing the principal category with the highest potential of increased value, sales and profitability.