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Umamix - Salt of the Earth
flavor-enhancing salt combined with Umami -
the "fifth taste".
Protein Cup - Sweet'N low
Till today there was no technology in the world that allowed dissolving of proteins in hot water
A product that maximizes Omega
Green - Wissotzky
Wissotzky's green tea with all its health and rich flavors, now with candies
9% Fat - Balkan Baked Goods
A revolutionary product in the category of pastries! 
בצק יוגורט
Life's Wellness Nutrition Series
Our products
 ​O.Vine - Golan Heights Winery
Water with a memory of wine. 
a world of breakfast cereal without white sugar! 
An innovative technology that allows 7gr of mushrooms to season 3 liters of stew
A product that produces a total designed look for the office ceiling​
Rummikub is the flagship product of the Israeli company Kodkod 
This is the first product in the world that can communicate with the new sense.
An irresistible indulging sweetener - a high quality meringue that sweetens hot beverages in seconds
salt N' Easy
Spiced salt series, for an innovative
cooking method! 
iPaint system includes a back carrier, paint bag, roller, flexible hose and electronic pump. ​
 Tuna Cans - Caniel
Caniel's new patent : reinventing the tuna can 
Tuna packaging that solves the oil drainage problem
A global innovation center for the bodywork and paint industry
A premium tortilla, low in carbohydrates and very rich in quality protein
The world's first outdoor air-conditioner, without electricity connection
Frozen "fingers" which contain the basis for making a variety of chocolate or vanilla flavored desserts