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iPaint - this is how you paint today

Nirlat's innovative iPaint system includes a back carrier, paint bag, roller, flexible hose and electronic pump. After a simple assembly, you can operate the kit and the paint is poured from the bag through the hose to the roller which you just roll across the wall.

The process of painting with iPaint is faster, without filth and clutter, saves drips on the floor, does not involve bending or back pains. The kit is reusable since you only need to replace the paint bag. Hose cleaning also has a built in solution.

It all began with an innovation process full of energy, joy and creativity, one that we so enjoy here at Practical Innovation. We went through a process of learning and deep understanding of the world of paint, in-depth analysis of consumer and needs, and the climax - creative thinking from which the innovative concept was born - the iPaint.
We worked with the wonderful Nirlat team, who were able to grasp real innovation and were determined to implement breakthrough innovation.

iPAINT - Nirlat
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