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Groundbreaking activity & innovation
Are you ready for tomorrow's challenges?
As customers, we experienced frustration with standard innovation processes that resulted in a list of products that never reached the market. We wanted to prove that innovation can be done different. Our processes begin with formulating exciting ideas, but this is just the beginning!

The following stages carefully form the implementation of the ideas for the specific company.
We present 5 stages to ground-breaking practical innovation:

1. Gathering ideas from a variety of innovation levels.
2. Every innovative idea is accompanied by method of implementation,
relevant to the company.

3. New components and new technologies -
translated into marketable products.

4. Only ideas that are business-wise in terms of commercial potential.
5. Relatively short Time to Market of all ideas (up to 3 years).
As you can see, processes work a little different by us.
  Practicality as the keyword: Practicality is in our DNA. We visualize new products on the shelf and don't rest until we have a clear picture of whether they are feasible and how to go about getting them to market.
  Open to the best of both worlds: Formulation of ideas is based on multidisciplinary, cross-category information, from Israel and abroad, based on extensive research, legwork, wide-ranging networking, expert assistance, visits to relevant exhibitions and a lot of personal experience.

  Close accompaniment till product hits the shelves: Practical Innovation accompanies development and marketing by assisting in setting timetables and making sure they are adhered to, driving all processes related to the development, selecting suppliers and managing communication, and coping with all
challenges - until the product is ready to be launched.
We invite you to join us, to discover your new growth engines and to enjoy a process that allows you to reap the rewards in a relatively short time.
Groundbreaking activity & innovation