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FULL WRAP - Practical Innovation and Lord Sandwich reinvent the tortilla!
Lord Sandwich has been manufacturing and marketing a wide range of refreshments and hospitality solutions for about 30 years, including high quality sandwiches in various flavors, salads, soups and desserts. As their name suggests, they offer their customers a wide range of sandwiches with interesting, varied and most delicious fillings!

So how does a company that leads the Israeli market expand internationally? Or in other words, how can a company that produces products with a shelf life of a few days become an exporter?
Practical Innovation and Lord Sandwich invent a new component for the global sandwich industry!

A component that meets the hottest trend - lots of protein and less carbs.
Solves the problem of carbohydrates in the sandwich industry.
This is a concept and product that takes sandwiches to a new place. An alternative that provides an attractive, up-to-date solution with an unequivocal health value, based on food that is considered the pinnacle of health - legumes.
Lord Sandwich - Full Wrap

You can find more information on Full Wrap's Instagram page, as well as a variety of recipes using the tortilla by Ira Dolphin, the brand's ambassador:
Instagram Full Wrap
If the need for innovation is passionate in your organization too, we at Practical Innovation would be happy to help you invent your innovation. Contact us.
FULL WRAP - a premium tortilla, low in carbohydrates and very rich in quality protein (13.7 per 100 grams of product).
Made of sprouted orange lentils (gluten free).
No food coloring or preservatives.
Easy to use.
And most importantly - very flexible and very robust and therefore ideal for the global sandwich industry.

The new tortilla has already won 3 important prizes of innovation in the world's leading food exhibitions: