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Practical Development track
Managing development of ideas "from the drawer" to a product on the shelf.

Do you have an idea for a new product? One that has been around for a long time?
A product you would like to develop but do not know where to start? Or did you try to develop but didn't succeed? That's what we're here for!
We have the knowledge, the professional tools and the connections to all the advanced sources of information and the factors that can drive you forward. We will be happy to lead the development until you have an actual and successful product on the shelf!
The practical development process includes:
  Team management and development process according to a strict schedule all the way until the product is ready.
 Turning "problems" into challenges, and promotional creative responses for each of them.
  Accompanying work with suppliers: locating suppliers, accompanying the selection, writing the brief, managing the schedule and ongoing accompaniment of the work with them.
  Mapping the totality of opportunities for the new product.
  Use of knowledge and solutions from other fields that can promote and enrich the product.
  Accompanying the company in receiving assistance in financing the project from the Innovation Authority.
כל מוצר מסתיים על המדף
 Each product ends:
on the shelf

תהליך פיתוח מהיר
Rapid development
8-12 months
מאגר מומחים
A pool of
400 experts